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Latest Technology in Matchplate Molding and Mold Handling Machines

The fact that we opened our doors the same year that The Beatles hit America is pure coincidence, and it takes much more than that to succeed in the foundry industry. It takes innovation, diligence, service and support. That’s how we’ve built our reputation, and why our customers count on us to provide them with the latest automated matchplate molding and mold handling technologies.

What matters, too, is not so much that Hunter has pioneered more technologies and innovations than anyone else, but that more foundries use Hunter than any other matchplate molding or mold handling systems in the world.

One measure of a company’s innovation is the number of products and services it introduces to the market before its competitors do, or can. Another is its capacity for uniqueness: holding a first-to-market position so no one else duplicates or replicates that company’s offerings. aid differently, “Being first is great. Sustaining a competitive edge of innovation, over time, is even better.” Hunter’s innovation history includes a wealth of such “Firsts And Onlys,” which reflect and underscore its foundry industry preeminence. (See separate section.) Additionally, Hunter has held a total of 143 patents for its inventions.


Hunter Foundry's global reputation for quality and reliability is based on the decades-long-lasting foundry machinery it builds. Since 1964, our products have been built on the fact that using our prescribed methods of maintenance and genuine Hunter replacement parts, your Hunter Foundry equipment will last for decades. That’s what we call THE HUNTER ADVANTAGE, and why more foundries use Hunter than any other matchplate molding and mold handling machinery in the world.




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Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation is honored to serve as an active member of the industry's leading associations, such as the American Foundry Society (AFS) and the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF).