SPECIAL REPORT: Hunter Hosts Major Foundry Industry Conference in Belarus

SPECIAL REPORT: Hunter Hosts Major Foundry Industry Conference in Belarus

DATE:  December 2, 2011


International builder of matchplate molding and mold handling equipment for foundries welcomes many to educational and training event

Schaumburg, Illinois (USA) - December 2, 2011 - Hunter Automated Machinery conducted a major conference for foundry personnel in Gomel, Belarus on November 2-5, 2011.  The purpose of this event was fourfold, namely, to bolster the company’s presence in the rapidly expanding local foundry market; to engage the local foundries and Hunter agent in an intensive training exercise through tutorial presentations and visits to existing Hunter customers in the region; to strengthen the ongoing relationship between Hunter and Tsentrolit, a major iron foundry serving nearly 500 customers in the region; plus increase cooperation between Hunter and many of the foundries contacted at the recent GIFA and other exhibitions. 

Leading this conference for Hunter was Paolo Nazari, the director of operations for Hunter in Europe, based in Legnano (Milan), Italy.  Nazari was supported by the engineering manager from Hunter in India, Mr. Vishalraj Vijaykumar Hulle.   In attendance were approximately 60 foundrymen, engineers and metallurgists from several dozen facilities, including the Minsk Automobile Works, Minsk Tractor Works, Minsk Radiator, Tsentrolit and others, a virtual galaxy of stars from the region’s foundry market.  Representatives from the Belarus Ministry of Industry were also in attendance, especially Mr. Lashkevich Aleh Evgenievich, who opened the conference. 

The event began on November 2 with a tour of the Minsk Radiator plant and educational presentation, followed by an intensive tour of the Tsentrolit facility with more technical presentations and discussions of the sand casting process.  Hunter is an acknowledged world leader in automatic matchplate molding systems and automated mold handling lines, having pioneered automatic matchplate molding in the early 1960’s.  The company today holds over 80 patents and has equipment in every country in the world, where foundry operations occur, according to Hunter sources. 

Paolo Nazari also led the group to several interesting establishments for dining and entertainment, as the photos accompanying this release demonstrate. 

“In the end, all the participants left the event with a better understanding of Hunter, our capabilities, our commitment to the local market in Belarus and the surrounding region.  We know there is great potential for our company here and we are confident we will be successful, continuing to build on the strong relationships we already have here,” Nazari observed. 

Hunter CEO echoed this sentiment.  “Our commitment to the world foundry market is total.  We will support our customers, wherever they might be located, with excellence in equipment, application engineering, sales, commissioning and service.  Hunter brings nearly 50 years of expertise in sand casting and mold handling to our customers.  We’re very proud of our accomplishments in this particular area and this conference reinforces that message to the many foundries who joined us for the event.” 

Nazari also noted the event has already resulted in serious project discussions with some of the attendees about various Hunter solutions to their equipment needs. 

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(photos attached show the group touring the Minsk Radiator plant, Tsentrolit foundry and several establishments for dining and entertainment) 

(photo -152.jpg, showing Mr. Evgenievich opening the conference, might be most impressive)