"FM&T" Features Hunter's HTBB

Published 5/29/2020


Foundry Management & Technology (FM&T), an Endeavor Business Media publication, details Hunter's involvement in innovating and refining molding machinery - most recently with the introduction of the HTBB:

More Flexibility for Green-Sand Molding Operations

by Robert Brooks, Editor - Foundry Management & Technology:

The science of sand molding has not changed for centuries, but the process technologies involved in mold production are another matter. In that case, the changes are demand-driven. Molding machinery is developed to suit the production requirements of foundries, and foundries know where to turn for molding technology expertise.

Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp. has been innovating and refining molding machinery for more than half a century, famously with the Hunter HMP machine that introduced the "matchplate" concept that made green-sand molding faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective, and allowed foundries of all types to be competitive in terms of volume and product quality. It is a rugged, gravity-driven system that’s easy to operate and easy to understand; it is scalable to foundries’ available space; and it adapts easily to different foundries’ molding operations.

Various updates and modifications to the HMP system have been offered over the years, and Hunter extended its expertise to other molding process systems too — always adapting to the needs of green-sand foundries.

The FM&T story, written by editor Robert Brooks, features the Hunter HTBB and may be read in its entirety at:



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