When we say Hunter is "World Leader In Matchplate Molding And Mold Handling," we mean that Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation is world-famous for pioneering and innovating the world's best, most reliable automated matchplate molding machines, as well as the most complete line of mold handling systems anywhere.

Since 1964 our machinery, operating at foundries around the world and running for decades at a time, has been delivering on the promise of reliability for Hunter customers year in, and year out. Our molding machines are installed throughout the world, and our latest --- the HLM Series of Linear Motion machines, designed to improve foundry productivity and profits --- combine with our complete line of mold handling machines to demonstrate that there's a Hunter just right for you.

The following sections show why and how our expansive product offerings can meet your current and future needs.

For more information, please click on individual product links or visit our  Hunter Product Videos and Online Newsroom sections. There, you can see specifically how Hunter customers have used our products. And if you have questions about your specific foundry needs, please contact our Sales Department today.

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