Linear Mold Handling Systems

Hunter's Linear Mold Handling System

Features and Benefits

  • High quality molding and mold handling systems at an economical price
  • The concept is simple, yet the system is very clean and efficient in operation
  • Easy to install - All systems are assembled and tested for rapid start-up
  • Low operating cost - Hydraulically powered for smooth and reliable operation
  • Low manpower requirements - One molding machine operator and one pourer
  • Very compact double deck design - Uses half the space of most other systems
  • Expandable - Additional pouring or cooling modules can easily be added
  • Clean working environment - Optional fume containment hoods available
  • Flexible design - Systems for aluminum, brass, gray or ductile iron
  • Standard and mirror image arrangements available to suit your requirements

Mold Storage on Bottom Boards or Boardless

  • Storage of unpoured molds - High speed automatic accumulating conveyor
  • Molding machine can continue operating during normal metal delays
  • Pouring can continue during pattern changes or other brief interruptions
  • Conveyor length can vary in one mold increments to suit individual requirements
  • Elevated Automatic bottom board return - Unrestricted molding machine access
  • Optional lowering device to control pouring height available on SL series mold handling systems.

Pouring Section

  • Molds are indexed forward and poured at rest when using single station pouring
  • The multiple station pouring mode offers maximum speed and flexibility
  • Faster and more accurate pouring reduces related scrap
  • Heavy cast iron weights and jackets - Set automatically and precisely
  • Two levels of cooling under weights and jackets
  • Additional modules can easily be added for an expanded pouring zone
  • Ideally suited for all types of manual or automatic pouring

Cooling Section (Types II, III & IV)

  • Two levels of cooling with up to 3 additional molds per cooling tray
  • Additional modules can easily be added to meet future cooling requirements
  • Molds are transferred or discharged without pushing mold against mold
  • Pourer can select the desired amount of cooling based on the job requirements
  • Controlled cooling times - Improve casting quality, reduce hot sand problems


Hunter Foundry's global reputation for quality and reliability is based on the decades-long-lasting foundry machinery it builds. Since 1964, our products have been built on the fact that using our prescribed methods of maintenance and genuine Hunter replacement parts, your Hunter Foundry equipment will last for decades. That’s what we call THE HUNTER ADVANTAGE, and why more foundries use Hunter than any other matchplate molding and mold handling machinery in the world.




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