Matchplate Molding Machines

For 50 years, Hunter has built its reputation on developing the foundry industry's most innovative automated matchplate molding machines.

Our HLM Series has been praised for its smooth, quiet, energy-efficient operation and stability, plus lower maintenance requirements, which can maximize our customers' productivity and profit potential. The HLM combines and integrates magnetically coupled rodless cylinders and linear bearings for movements of the squeeze platen, cope flask, sand measuring hopper and other components on the machine.

The May 2013 issue of FOUNDRY MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY magazine says, in part: "Process innovations in metalcasting are comparatively rare: techniques that work well have staying power. Once it is widely established the improvements come in terms of ‘productivity’ and ‘flexibility,’ which is the line Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp. is pursuing with three developments it has introduced this year. Possibly the most significant introduction is the HLM-10 molding machine….according to company president and CEO Bill Hunter, the HLM-10 represents a new, proprietary concept in automated matchplate molding technology.”

The Hunter HTBB’s single-station molding machine offers customers lower investment requirements and high operating flexibility to meet the volume and variety of molding requirements.

Together with our highly successful XL molding machines, which are installed all over the world, Hunter matchplate molding machines run for decades, thanks to their design, and support from our Field Sales & Service staff, as well as our $12 million parts inventory.

We invite you to learn about these Product lines in detail, and visit the HLM and HTBB product sections.


Hunter Foundry's global reputation for quality and reliability is based on the decades-long-lasting foundry machinery it builds. Since 1964, our products have been built on the fact that using our prescribed methods of maintenance and genuine Hunter replacement parts, your Hunter Foundry equipment will last for decades. That’s what we call THE HUNTER ADVANTAGE, and why more foundries use Hunter than any other matchplate molding and mold handling machinery in the world.




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