Mold Handling Systems

Since 1964, Hunter has been a pioneer in automated matchplate molding. In the process, we revolutionized the foundry industry, and learned the best ways to handle molds from start to finish. Today, foundries around the world use Hunter mold handling systems, in a wide variety of settings, to solve their mold handling. Because even the most sophisticated molding machines cannot maximize production unless mold handling operations — transport, pouring and cooling — prior to shakeout are seamless…and precisely match your foundry’s production capabilities.

That’s why we match our systems to the equipment, production, and foundry floor requirements of each customer… and why our turntable and linear mold handling machines (featuring Hunter’s patented boardless shuttle conveyor option) are used in nearly every country where metal casting occurs, throughout the world, with all types of molding machines.

Which means that even if you’re not using a Hunter matchplate molding machine, chances are we’ve got the mold handling solution that will meet or exceed your requirements and expectations. So please review our full line linear and turntable mold handling systems, then contact us....we'll discuss your requirements, and design the system that's right for you.

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    Hunter Foundry's global reputation for quality and reliability is based on the decades-long-lasting foundry machinery it builds. Since 1964, our products have been built on the fact that using our prescribed methods of maintenance and genuine Hunter replacement parts, your Hunter Foundry equipment will last for decades. That’s what we call THE HUNTER ADVANTAGE, and why more foundries use Hunter than any other matchplate molding and mold handling machinery in the world.




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    Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation is honored to serve as an active member of the industry's leading associations, such as the American Foundry Society (AFS) and the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF).