The HLM Series

The HLM Series

Hunter’s HLM Series represents a proprietary new concept in automated matchplate molding technology....


The Foundry Report: The Hunter HLM Series in Action



The Hunter HLM Series' smooth, quiet, energy-efficient operation and stability, plus lower maintenance requirements, offer customers productivity and profit potential.

The first product in our line, the HLM-10 Linear Motion machine, combines and integrates magnetically coupled rod-less cylinders with sealed linear bearings. Its smooth, quiet, energy-efficient operation, maximum stability and lower maintenance requirements can increase your productivity and profitability. So wear and degradation on cam followers, wheels, tracks, rails and other mechanical components are now a thing of the past.


Hunter Linear Matchplate (HLM) Molding Machine with integrated doors.
Hunter has received U.S. Patent 8,826,967 B1
for the HLM Series Linear Motion Sand Molding Machine.


The HLM Series was invented by company president and CEO, Bill Hunter. And when the HLM-10 --- first product in the line --- was introduced at Cast Expo 2013 in St. Louis, Bill stated, “This machine marks another innovation milestone in the 50-year history of our company,” adding, “We have incorporated this modern linear motion design because we believe it will have a significant, positive, and immediate impact upon the foundry world.”


In addition to smoother movements of the squeeze platen, cope flask, sand measuring hopper and other components on the HLM, other notable features of this new machine include: separation of the hydraulic power system for cleaner easier maintenance and, linear motion- operated, programmable access doors for maximum operator protection, and rodless cylinder-operated board feeder operation.


Hunter's Human Machine Interface for the HLM
Hunter's "Human Machine Interface" (HMI) system for the HLM digitally controls the compaction speed, while monitoring resistance, producing a uniformly hard and superior-quality mold.
The HLM’s sealed linear-bearing motion slides and magnetic rodless cylinders
Sealed linear-bearing motion slides and magnetic rod-less cylinders replace cam followers, wheels, tracks, and rails to provide smoother, quieter, more energy-efficient operation and greater machine stability, with less maintenance required.


Hunter's First "HLM" Installed at Progressive Foundry

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